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Women's History-Primary Sources: The Civil War & Reconstruction

The Civil War & Reconstruction

The Republican Party Platform

Trial of Margaret Douglass for Teaching Black Children to Read

Oregon Exclusion Law

Letter on Escaping to Freedom

Article on the Combahee River Raid Lead by Harriet Tubman

Lincoln, Address to African American Leaders

Letter from the Mother of a Black Northern Soldier to Lincoln

Frederick Douglass, Speech after Passage of the Thirteenth Amendment

Special Field Order No. 15

Alabama Black Codes

Tennessee Jim Crow Laws, 1866-1955

Testimony of Two North Carolina Freedwomen

Procedings in a Case with an Alabama Freedwoman

Procedings in a Case between a Tennessee Freedwoman and Her Employer

Affidavit of the Wife of a Discharged Georgia Black Soldier

Racist Call to Violence: “Meet Brute Force with Brute Force”

Petition to Congress Requesting Women’s Suffrage

Frances Harper, “We Are All Bound Up Together”

Constitution of the American Woman Suffrage Association

Declaration of Women’s Suffrage in Wyoming

Letter from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Lucretia Mott

Susan B. Anthony, Speech on Women’s Suffrage

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