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Healing From Hate | Kanopy

HEALING FROM HATE provides a riveting inside look at the bold work of the group Life After Hate - an organization founded by former skinheads and neo-Nazis who have dedicated themselves to transforming racist, white-supremacist attitudes. The film places special emphasis on Life After Hate's explicit engagement with issues of masculinity, giving voice to white men who say the primary reason they turned to hate groups was to validate their sense of manhood after experiencing a deep sense of inadequacy and shame. Healing From Hate is at once a stunning document of hatred, racism, and white male grievance in America, and a deeply human portrait of a group of people working together to de-radicalize White Nationalists and heal communities torn apart by white male rage, racial hatred, and division.

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This documentary, Race, the Power of an Illusion,  challenges one of our most fundamental beliefs that human beings come divided into a few distinct groups. A look at why race is not biologically meaningful yet nonetheless very real.  Available from Kanopy here.

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