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Innovations Toolbox @ACC Library Services: Initiatives

Creative thinking and innovations for student learning and faculty teaching success

Library Services Dashboard - Data Visualizations

Student Study Pods (AY21) and Study Rooms (AY19-20) - Student Success Partnership

ACC Library Services and ACCelerators have formed a Student Success partnership to offer an online study space reservation system for our students. Reservations were available for study rooms until 3/13/2020. Reservations for study pods became available 10/26/2020 for Mon - Fri from 9am - 4pm. Two Saturdays will be available for study pod booking on Dec 5 and 12.

Average student actual usage rate per booking request as of 11/13/2020 averages at 48%

Unique Users (2019)

Study Rooms

Number of Bookings

Study Rooms



Unique Users (as of 11/13/2020)

Study Pods

Number of Bookings

Study Pods




ACC Master Syllabus - Student Success

Beginning Fall of 2019, ACC Libraries will have a presence in the revised ACC’s Master Syllabus. Representatives from the libraries participated in the review and revision with the goal of increasing student success from day one of each class. All syllabi (continuing education, distance education, and general Master Syllabi) now include current library resource content on several of the most critical student support services (OER and 24/7 chat reference).

Areas of Study - Library Pathways for Student Success

Areas of Study - Expert Subject Librarians LibGuide

Teaching and Learning Academy - Student Success

A Journey in the Art and Heart of Teaching

6 Faculty Librarians and Head Librarians are members of the second cohort of TLA:

  • Carrie Gits
  • Mary Havens
  • Jeremy Donald
  • Christina McCourt
  • Jorge Lopez-McKnight

10 Faculty Librarians and Head Librarians were members of the first cohort of TLA:

  • Terry Barksdale
  • Ashley Carr
  • Lola Cowling Watters
  • Lynda Infante
  • Renee Kuhles
  • James Loomis
  • Jon Luckstead
  • Keri Moczygemba
  • Phil Roche
  • Dave Wilson

Head Librarians Courtney Mlinar(AY19-present) and Terry Barksdale(AY20) were members of the TLA Design Team. 

Faculty Librarian Mary Havens created Course 2 Module 1 with Ursula Parker. 

Courtney Mlinar created and edited course modules, slides for videos, and the course LibGuides. 

Support for ACC Veterans

RRC Library Services staff hosted a Veterans Roundup Resource Fair in conjunction with Student Life’s Spring Break Survivor Event on Monday, March 11. Providing veteran and department-specific resources, participating student support services included the Accelerator, Learning Lab, SAS, and ACC Veteran Services. Veteran students were also treated to refreshments, a tote bag from Library Services, and a current student veteran to answer questions.

Round Rock Head Librarian, Sheila Henderson, an active member of ACC’s Veterans Outreach Advisory Committee, assisted in the November and December enrollment outreach to veterans for ACC classes English 1301 and History 1301 Spring classes offered at the Montopolis VA Clinic. Providing opportunities for Texas veterans and their families who qualify under the Hazlewood Act, this initiative assists in the continuance or completion of educational programs and guidance into ACC’s pathways/programs of study.

ACC Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Center Support

As a member of the Truth and Racial Healing Transformation (TRHT) Campus Center Steering Committee, CYP Head Librarian, Terry Barksdale, was selected by the American Library Association to attend a training conference on Racial Healing Circles curriculum in Chicago March 20 & 21. Developed by Dr. Gail Christopher, the RHC Curriculum is embraced nationally as one of many tools needed to advance efforts to jettison the false narrative of a racial hierarchy.

National Day of Racial Healing  January 2019

The Cypress Creek Library Team participated in the National Day of Racial Healing by hosting a “Race Card Project." Students, faculty, and staff shared six words on cards describing race and/or racism experienced in our community. These will be displayed in a collage at Cypress as part of February’s Black History Month and will contribute to the Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT) Campus Center’s narrative of where we are today with regard to race and racism in the ACC community.

CYP Race Card Event

Library Tutorials Diversity Audit - Student Persistence

A team of Faculty Librarians and library assistants, including the Library’s Information Literacy Council, and the Equity Team and the Diversity Facilitator, audited the Library’s award-winning Research Success Tutorials Dec. 2018 with the goal of examining diversity, equity, and inclusion of persons represented in tutorial images. Survey data indicated adjustments were needed to represent the diversity of the ACC community.

Zoom a Librarian

Librarians are ready to help!

Set up Zoom a Librarian appointment:

Zoom is available Monday - Friday, 10am - 2pm for one-hour appointments

Schedule at least one hour in advance for Zoom

Zoom with an ASL Librarian is also available on the appointment form.

Drop-in Zoom Sessions are available:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays: 7pm - 9pm

Saturdays: 10am - 2pm

Sundays: 2pm - 4pm

Go to Blackboard to join a session.

Building a Community of Learners - Student Persistence

Call of the Wild Book Club

Over 200 Early College High School students from Elgin, Bastrop, Manor ISD are participating in an online book club again in the Spring 2020 semester, reading Jack London's Call of the Wild. This is the second campus-wide book club created by Faculty Librarian, Mary Havens, for the Elgin Campus, continuing in her work to build community, with faculty sponsorship and a semester-end event partnered with Student Life.

Ready Player One Book Club

On May 15th 220 students and 10 faculty from Manor, Elgin and Bastrop ISDs came together at EGN for a community building event based on the book Ready Player One with gaming, prizes for book club participants, and ACC LS Makerspace activities. Mary Havens, faculty librarian (as part of her Project ACC Fellows research project), created the Ready Player One book club and organized this event with Student Life (Geneva Monroe) to bring ECHS students from different districts together to share a passion for gaming and reading. Jeff Webb, Sr. IT Tech from CYP, assisted with games - Dungeons and Dragons, Atari, Nintendo and PacMan.

HLC Summer Reading Challenge

HLC Library is partnering with HLC Student Life for a Summer Reading challenge. During May finals week students took a stress-less study break to make bookmarks outside of the Student Life lounge. HLC library staff were on hand with a healthy selection of books from the collection. They answered questions about the library and helped students give that bookmark a home! This summer, students are encouraged to read books of their choice and submit a short review of the book. Student reviews will  be featured in the HLC library. Each review submitted earns a student a raffle ticket for a prize drawing sponsored by Student Life. Students can submit their book reviews online:

Early College HS - Dual Credit HS - Student Success

Mary Havens (EGN) and James Loomis (RVS) represented Library Services at the Early College High School/Dual Credit President’s Reception on May 14th at the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center. The LS display table including a button making activity for students and parents. This reception honors ACC’s ECHS, dual-credit, and Career Academy graduates and celebrates graduating seniors who pledge to enroll at the college in fall.

Dual-Credit Graduates: 1,679 students graduating with 12+ dual credit hours

Career Academy Graduates: 25 students graduating with a Level I Certificate

ECHS Graduates: 205 students graduating with an Associate Degree

Incoming ACC Freshmen: 1,386 students pledge to enroll at ACC for fall 2019


Elgin HS ECHS graduates 2019

Early College High School Resources

Instructive Reference - Student Success


Over 50,000 ACC students received one-on-one research and instruction assistance from librarians at the library reference desks in AY18. Identified top learning outcomes included: searching the online catalog, using office productivity resources, search strategies for locating specific resources for research, and use of library databases. Students also received faculty librarian assistance with citing sources, locating resources items using call numbers, evaluating information sources, and computer and software questions for ACC assignment completion.

HLC Instructive Reference Pilot

Library Services partners with ACC’s Accelerators to offer study rooms, training for other student support staff (ex. tutors, academic coaches) and to offer instruction. Highland Campus Library Assistant Head Librarian, Ashley Carr, is expanding student success opportunities by piloting faculty librarian one-on-one and small group instructive reference services in the HLC ACCelerator Learning Lab. These research services are offered during times aligned with due dates for final papers and research assignments.

Assessment and the ACRL Framework - Student Success

Sample Assessment Strategies by Frame:

Authority is Constructed and Contextual:

Students will be able to...

  • Define different authority types (subject, special or societal expertise)
  • Recognize credible sources in evaluating information
  • Understand the social nature of the information ecosystem where authorities connect and sources develop over time

Information As Value:

Students will be able to...

  • Give credit to the original ideas of others by proper attribution and citation
  • Develop an awareness of issues related to privacy and the commodification of personal information

Research As Inquiry:

Students will be able to...

  • Evaluate opposing viewpoints among publications on a topic
  • Organize information in meaningful ways

Library Student Survey 2018

LS Collaboration with Learning Lab Tutoring

Information Literacy Council Co-Chair and Faculty Librarian Ashley Carr, joined by peer Dave Wilson, presented at the 2019 Learning Lab Tutor Conference in Feb. 2019. The session was styled as a hands-on information literacy session on the topic of evaluating information and fake news, with workshop participants cast in the role usually reserved for ACC students. Participants worked in small groups to critically evaluate a series of articles drawn from a range of sources, including websites, newspapers, and academic journals to get a sense of how ACC Faculty Librarians guide students in thinking critically about the quality of the information sources they consult for their academic work.

Virtual Displays

ACC Library Services began a new Virtual Displays pilot during Fall 2020, highlighting key e-resources related to:

  • Banned Books
  • Covid-19 Library Summer Bingo
  • LGBTQ+ Featured Resources
  • Halloween Eerie E-resources
  • Social Justice Sources

Spring 2021 Virtual Displays:

Open Educational Resources (OER) - Affordable Learning

Library Services identified over 45 ACC faculty who are supporting student success by working toward removing the barrier of high cost course materials. These individuals are teaching with Open Educational Resources, free, or other low cost course materials, and have saved ACC students over $2 million in textbook costs.

Open Educational Resources

As part of a global celebration recognizing and bringing awareness to open education, ACC libraries partnered with Academic Programs/Instructional Initiatives to celebrate Open Education Week, March 4-8th. This included outreach events to students and faculty, as well as presenting for Texas Digital Libraries’ webinar, Getting Started with OER: Lessons Learned.

How Much Did you Spend on Textbooks This Semester?

ACC courses with OER textbooks gave students an affordable learning option, saving them over $960,000 in textbook costs for Fall 2018 alone! ACC Librarians have created a rich list of OER resources on all subject research guides for all Areas of Study. 

OER poster presentation Fall 2018

As part of the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program, HLC Head Librarian Carrie Gits attended the OpenEd conference with educators from around the world engaged in OER initiatives. Conference topics focused on issues relevant in the OER landscape such as - accessibility, open pedagogy, equity, sustainability, ethics of open, student advocacy, and research. Carrie participated in a poster session research project with other community college librarians showcasing their survey results focused on the involvement of community college librarians in OER initiatives on their campuses.

Research Guides - Student Success

Views (2020)

Top Ten Research Guides


Fake News and Alternative Facts


ENGL 1301 Research Paper


Finding Periodical Articles


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


Adult Education


Student Learning Success Toolbox


Open Educational Resources


Library Information and Services During Covid-19


ACC Libraries Tech Toolbox


Low Quality Websites: Content Farms

Total number of views 2020 = 


Total number of guides 2020 = 733

Views (2019)

Top Ten Research Guides

Finding Periodical Articles


ENGL 1301 Research Paper


Fake News and Alternative Facts


Adult Education


Dimensions of Diversity


Open Educational Resources (OER)


Student Learning Success Toolbox


Professional Nursing


Faculty Teaching Toolbox


Computer Science and Info Technology


Total number of views 2019 = 288,784

Total number of guides 2019 = 632

Active Teaching and Learning Pilots

CHEM Pilot

ACRL 2019 Webcast: CHEM Pilot at ACC -

Courtney Mlinar, Head Librarian at the Elgin campus - presented “Active and Engaged Learning for Science Information Literacy Sessions in Undergraduate Education,” at the ACRL conference in April 2019 to share her newly piloted (with ACC classroom chemistry faculty ACC) CHEM instruction sessions with active learning strategies designed for higher student engagement. 

Project ACC Institute Pilots:

  • Reading Challenge Pilot AY19 for ECHS students - Mary Havens, EGN
  • EDUC 1300  Active Teaching Pilot AY19 - Kristyn Pittman, RRC

Library Collections Online - Affordable Learning

A major portion of library materials in today’s higher education environment come from ACC's Library Services. The Technical Services team, lead by Head Librarian Linda Barr, maintains a collection of 32% electronic titles,110 databases, 83,559 e-journals, and 55,677 streaming videos. These resources are fully accessible online and available 24/7 to meet the needs of all students and faculty.

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