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BatLab Makerspace: BatLab Project Expansion Kit

The new ACC Library BatLab is a pop-up makerspace for all ACC students, faculty and staff.

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Student Learning Outcomes

  • Explore and construct basic DC Circuits
  • Identify electronic components
  • Apply C++ programming concepts
  • Explore using a micro-controller to interface with sensors
  • Differentiate between sensors and their functions
  • Research part documentation

Expansion Kit Contents

Components of BatLab expansion kit

The BatLab project expansion kit includes parts for a variety of intermediate-level Arduino experiments.  If you've never used an Arduino or have not worked through some basic experiments, you might want to start out with the BatLab Basic Project kit first.

LCD display 1602 8x8 LED matrix LED display IC MAX7219
7 segment LED display 4 x 7 segment LED Shift register 74HC595
Relay module, 1 channel Water sensor module Infrared LED 950 nm 
Keypad, 16 key PIR motion sensor RFID module & card

Arduino and RFID

This tutorial was developed for the MAKE course at the University of South Florida ( The basics of RFID communication are reviewed as well as the MIFARE card hardware. Be sure to download and install the Arduino library for the MF522 that can be found at github (

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