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BatLab Makerspace: Raspberry Pi Kit

The new ACC Library BatLab is a pop-up makerspace for all ACC students, faculty and staff.

Getting started

The BatLab Raspberry Pi is set up and ready to go!  You need to provide:

  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse
  • VGA or HDMI screen (cable and adapter provided)

You must use the 5V 2.5A adapter supplied in the kit (not a USB adapter).  There is no power switch, so plug in the power last and wait for the Pi to boot up.

If you want to use the WiFi adapter, watch this video for the setup procedure.

Learning the Raspberry Pi

You can explore the Raspberry Pi on your own, or try out some of the resources on this page.

More At ACC Libraries

Raspberry Pi On The Web

Raspberry Pi Kit

Raspberry Pi and kit components

The Raspberry Pi is an amazingly powerful Linux-based computer in a small package.  In addition to the hardware shown, the BatLab Raspberry Pi comes with: 

  • Operating system: Linux (Raspbian "Jessie")
  • Programming: Python, C, C++, Java, Scratch, and Ruby [Python preferred]
  • Mathematica and Wolfram
  • Minecraft Pi (with Python API)
  • Internet of Things: IBM's Node-Red graphical interface

Raspberry Pi Tutorials from Sparkfun

These videos on  Raspberry Pi are for physical computing (e.g. LED control) and Internet of Things applications.  You don't need to know Linux, but knowing Python is very helpful.  Since the operating system is already installed and configured, start watching the first video at 7:21..

Recommended Reading

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Explore and construct basic DC Circuits
  • Identify electronic components
  • Explore a variety of programming environments
  • Explore using a micro-computer to interface with sensors
  • Experiment with programming and electronics
  • Construct projects including home automation, networking, and controlling devices remotely

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