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HUMA 1302 - Pope - Fall 2021: Home


Welcome to Professor Pope's Humanities 1302 Course! I am here to assist you in your research journey. 

"English Language & Literature" by Smith College is licensed under CC BY 4.0


For your assignment you will be exploring great works from different cultures throughout history and discussing their relevance and impact. You will have a number of questions you will need to answer about your work, and the library is a great resource for this kind of research! In this guide we will use The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli to demonstrate how you might find the answers about your work. Navigate using the tabs above to help you with specific types of resources.

Help from a Librarian

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Types of Resources

There are several types of information available to students through the ACC libraries, both in print form and electronically. Details provided on the different types of resources are listed below:

Books You can find a wealth of resources in the library's book collection. A book can provide detailed background information on a topic.
Reference Books Encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, etc. are considered reference sources. Access these types of resources when you need to find definitions, biographies, overviews, and historical information.
Articles Articles can be found in journals, magazines, or newspapers.  Articles can vary in scope, but usually fall into one of two categories: scholarly and popular.     
Web Sites The internet can provide a wealth of information, especially from government sources and professional organizations. Be sure to carefully evaluate the information found here.

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