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ENGL 1301 - Watson - Fall 2020: Home

This guide will help you find sources for the Global Film Research assignment in Professor Lauren Watson's ENGL 1301.


This class guide for Professor Lauren Watson's ENGL 1301 Composition I (Spring 2020) will provide you with resources, strategies, and tips to help you find sources for your Global Film Research Assignment.


This is a sample of the many international films available for free streaming in Kanopy. Browse the "World Cinema" category or use the search box.

Background / Reference

These online encyclopedias will help you locate background information about film directors and their careers, key films, and other information about the movements and time periods they were a part of. Note the dates of each publication (2000, 2007); you will not find more recent material than 2007 here.

Film Credits / Filmographies

Article Databases

These library databases are your best bets for articles from film journals and magazines. Note: these are general, multi-subject databases, so you will have to be careful to identify material relevant to global film studies.


These are a few of the film journals with the strongest coverage of global and international films and directors. You will find them in the article databases above. When you see them appear in your search results, pay attention--they're more likely to be great academic sources for your papers. Full-text coverage varies, so I note the database where it appears and the years of coverage below.

If you follow direct links below, choose to search "In this Journal" (JSTOR) or "Search within this publication" (Humanities Full-Text).

Film Literature Index, 1976-2001 (free on the web).

Getting the most out of this free, online article index takes a little work. But stick with me...

This is a free index of film articles published between 1976-2001, so first of all, make sure what you're looking for would fall into this date range.

Try searching a film director or film title. Your search results will include an exhaustive list of citations (article info), but not links to articles.

You'll have go back to ACC Libraries, and work backwards from the citation, to see if we have the article!

  • Start with the title of the journal, periodical.
  • Go to the ACC Libraries Journal Finder. Enter the journal title in the search bar.
  • If we have the Journal, you will see a link to the relevant Database/s, with dates of coverage.
  • Does the date of your citation fall into this time range? If yes, we have the article! Follow the link to the Database, drill down by year, volume, issue, and month to find the article.

This can be tricky! Contact us by 24/7 Live Chat and we'll help you look.

Faculty Librarian / Professor

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