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Religion: Getting Started

This guide provides information about Library resources as well as links to resources on the Web that supports religion courses taught at ACC.

Careers in Religion

Religion - Quick Help

Not sure where to start? Try these resources first.

Types of Resources

There are several types of information available to students through the ACC libraries, both in print form and electronically. The tabs along the top of the page provide details on the different types of resources listed below:

Books You can find a wealth of resources in the library's book collection. A book can provide detailed background information on a topic.
Reference Books Encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, etc. are considered reference sources. Access these types of resources when you need to find definitions, biographies, overviews, and historical information.
Articles Articles can be found in journals, magazines, or newspapers.  Articles can vary in scope, but usually fall into one of two categories, scholarly and popular.     
Web Sites The internet can provide a wealth of information, especially from government sources and professional organizations.  Just be sure to carefully evaluate the information found here.

Philosophy and Religion Apps

Apps (little software applications) allow you to customize your tablet to do the things you like to do. Some of the apps listed are free, while others are fee-based. Additionally, some apps are initially free, and then require in-app purchases if more features and functionality are desired. Listed, you will find some app recommendations we have come up with through trial, error, and our own experiences.

ACC Library Services does not endorse any fee-based apps nor it is liable for reimbursement of any apps paid for by patrons. Please refer to the Tablet Circulation Policy for further details.

Learn Mythology Basics App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Learn Mythology Basics-Helps you memorize the facts, events, and characters from mythological traditions. (iOS)

Greek Mythology App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Greek Mythology-A collection of Greek mythology divided in different kind of gods (Primeval, Titans and Olympians), demigods, and important myths. (Android)

Human Values & Ethics App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Human Values & Ethics-Includes notes on ethics, human rights, behavior, relations, & more. (Android)

Quran Explorer App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Quran Explorer-Complete scalable Quran Text in Uthmanic font with all diacritical marks. English translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani is also included. (iOS)

PocketTorah App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
PocketTorah-Helps you learn the weekly Torah and Haftarah portion from your mobile device. (iOS)

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