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TLA - Assessing Students' Learning: Course Description

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The Art and Heart of Teaching

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Assessing Students for Learning - Overview

In this course, faculty participants will:

1. Design authentic, appropriate assessments that
are equitable and provide students with the
opportunity to demonstrate their learning;

2. Employ explanatory feedback that enables
students to improve their performance;

3. Use data from classroom-based assessments
for continual improvement in student learning
and classroom teaching;

4. Design improvements to teaching practices
based on course data outcomes.

Topics include:

  • identifying the terminology of assessment
  • building a repertoire of classroom assessment strategies and tools
  • examining inclusive assessment practices and meaningful feedback
  • designing  innovative, high-impact practices in assessment

Faculty cohorts will reflect upon next steps in professional development and teaching enhancement strategies


Course Outline

Faculty Value: Scholarship and Teaching

Assessing student learning course modules at a glance

About the Academy:

Anchored in the ACC Faculty Values, the Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) will contribute to student success by expanding faculty teaching practices. The Academy is designed to support faculty based on evidence-based teaching strategies, reflective practice, and teaching innovation. Essential to the Teaching and Learning Academy is the creation of a group of faculty who will learn from each other. The Academy cohort begins with a retreat, to establish a community of learners that explores the scholarship, art and passion of teaching and continues over fall and spring semesters through hybrid coursework.

Faculty Module Developers

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Module 1: Are your students learning what you want them to be learning

Module Developer:
Dr. Ron Johns, Associate Dean, Assessment & Evaluation

Module 2: Designing Equitable Assessments

         Module Developers:
         Dr. Ron Johns, Associate Dean, Assessment & Evaluation
         Maggi Miller, Adjunct Professor, Student Development

Module 3: Tools to Assess Learning

Module Developer:
Dr. Herb Coleman, Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Module 4: Assessing Your Teaching and Designing Improvements Using Course Outcome Data

Module Developers:
Dr. Carleen Sanchez, Professor, Anthropology

Michelle Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor, Hospitality, Meeting & Event Planning, Tourism, and Assistant Dean, Faculty Development

Courtney Mlinar, Associate Professor/Head Librarian,EGN Library Services, Teaching and Learning Academy Design Team member

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