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Philosophy Project for PHIL 1301 & PHIL 2306 - Williams: Home

A guide to help students in Sunshine Williams' PHIL 1301 and PHIL 2306 courses find quality information supporting arguments for a course project


This guide was created to help you find resources to support an argument about the works of philosopher's you've studied in PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy or PHIL 2306 Ethics. Each tab on this page offers an introductory video on basic searches using some of the philosophers and works discussed in your class as examples. Go through each tab, and then use what you've learned to find resources on the Library Services web site. My contact information is in the box labeled "Librarian" on this page. Please feel free to contact me if you get stuck. Good luck!

Plato  Immanuel Kant  John Stuart Mill  Friedrich Nietzsche  Judith Butler  Confucius

Video Introduction to Project


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