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ESOL 0374 - Awadallah- Fall 2023: Getting Citations

Links and tips for the Writing 4 research assignment


Citing sources is a basic element of academic writing. When you use other's work to support your own, you give them credit in a specific way. We have a tutorial on Academic Honesty that explains the basics and why we do it.

What is MLA Citation Style and how do you use it?

MLA citation style is a way of giving credit to the sources of your research. If you use other people's work to support your own paper, you need to properly note this in two places: in the list of Works Cited at the end of your paper, and in your paper at the particular places you used that work. For examples, see:

Getting MLA Citations from Databases

As mentioned above, our databases can give you a citation. Look for for a link labeled CITE, CITATION, CITE THIS, or something like that.


When you copy and paste this, you might lose some of the formatting. Pay special attention to the parts that are in italic text.


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