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Statistics: Getting Started

A guide to finding statistics on the web

Pew Research Center on Twitter

The Pew Research Center provides nonpartison public opinion polling and demographics research. Of special note is their data page which includes the Daily Number - an interesting statistic about current events.

New Database: State Stats

Sage Stats is a new database offered through the ACC Libraries. You can use it to build customizable visualizations of state data, comparing states on several categories, such as population, economy, education, crime, agriculture, and more.

Getting Started

Finding statistical information on the web can be tricky. Fortunately, most government agencies that collect statistical data make that information available online. This research guide aims to organize and direct you to some of these resources.

Use the tabs above to explore statistics resources in each area:


Please note that these statistics pages mostly cover human populations and related topics. For the mathematical science of statistics, please see the ResearchGuide on Mathematics. Also, explore some of the other research guides -- they may have links to statistical information specific to their topics.

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