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ACC Engineering: Finding Books

This guide will help you find information about Engineering.

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Finding Books and eBooks

  • ACC Libraries has thousands of eBooks. You can search the main catalog and limit the material type (lefthand column) to eBooks.


  • If you have questions on how to find books and eBooks, please email me directly at I am here to assist you with your research needs.


  • You can search the catalog by keyword, title, author or ISBN. When you do your research, try different combos of search terms and keywords. 

Engineering Books and eBooks

When writing a college-level research paper, the Internet isn't necessarily the best method for gathering sources. There are many engineering online encyclopedias, dictionaries and journal articles that include quality, peer-reviewed and accurate information. Check out our A-Z List of Databases, and start with Gale eBooks (for online encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks -- that will provide broad background info on your topic) and Academic Search Complete (for magazines, newspapers and scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles). 


You can also access thousands of books and eBooks from ACC Libraries. It is important to read high quality, reputable, and accurate sources. You must examine: who wrote it, why did they write it, and is the author an 'expert' on the topic? You can always refer to Chico State's CRAAP test for more information. Is the information truthful and correct? Where does the information come from? Is it supported by evidence? Has it been reviewed or refereed? Can you verify any of the information in another source?


As always, read widely, be skeptical and formulate your own opinions. Question all information that you come in contact with.

For books and eBooks, from the ACC Library homepage, search the main search bar. Your results will tell you what campus the book is located at and where it is on the shelf (call number). You can always request to have a book sent to your campus of choice by clicking 'Request This Copy.'


If you need more help, please reach out! We are here to assist you!


Engineering materials are generally in the TA call number section in ACC libraries, though other call numbers are used for this topic as well:


TA Engineering (General) Civil engineering TA 1001-1280 Transportation engineering
TA 164 Bioengineering TA 1501-1820 Applied optics. Photonics
TA 165 Engineering instruments, meters, etc. Industrial instrumentation TA 2001-2040 Plasma engineering
TA 166-167 Human engineering TC Hydraulic engineering.
TA 168 Systems engineering TD Environmental engineering.
TA 170-171 Environmental engineering TE Highway Engineering. Roads and pavements.
TA 174 Engineering design TF Railroad engineering and operations.
TA 177.4-185 Engineering economy TG Bridge engineering.
TA 190-194 Management of engineering works TH Building construction.
TA 197-198 Engineering meteorology TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery.
TA 213-215 Engineering machinery, tools, and implements TJ 163 Power resources. Energy conservation.
TA 329-348 Engineering mathematics. Engineering analysis TJ 210.2 - 225 Robotics. Control engineering.
TA 349-359 Mechanics of engineering. Applied mechanics TK Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering.
TA 365-367 Acoustics in engineering. Acoustical engineering TK 9001 - 9401 Nuclear engineering.
TA 401-492 Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials TL Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics.
TA 495 Disasters and engineering TN Mining engineering. Metallurgy.
TA 630-695 Structural engineering (General) TP Chemical technology.
TA 703-712 Engineering geology. Rock mechanics. Soil mechanics. Underground construction TS Manufacturing.
TA 715-787 Earthwork. Foundations TS155 - 194 Production management. Operations management.
TA 800-820 Tunneling. Tunnels VM Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering.

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