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Librarianship: Teaching & Learning

A guide to library resources and Web Sites for Librarians.

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5th Annual Greater Austin Area Information Literacy Symposium Presentation Materials


Librarians' Engagement with OER: A Community College Perspective

New Texas School Library Standards Meet the ACRL Information Literacy Framework

Better Together in Elgin: ECHS and ACC Libraries

Student Learning Outcomes Across the Library Spectrum

How to Lie with Data

Research is Iterative: Go Fish for Topic Development


Educause Learning Initiative

Learning and Student Success: Presenting the Results of the 2019 Key Issues Survey

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) continues its annual Key Issues in Teaching and Learning survey. We have tallied the results for 2019 and are pleased to present them to the community. Our Key Issues web page is now fully updated and ready for review.

Presenting the most significant issues, by the numbers: For those interested in exploring our longitudinal data, we have also updated the spreadsheet that contains all Key Issues survey results from 2011 through this year. This spreadsheet now contains two tabs: the first tab lists the overall rankings for each year, and the second tab lists the demographic information of the respondents. (Note: We began collecting demographic information in 2017, so this second tab presents results for the years 2017–19.) 

(Malcolm Brown, Director of Learning Initiatives at EDUCAUSE)

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VCU Libraries Faculty and Staff Publications

Pedagogy for Librarians

Megan Hodge 

Most librarians are required to take classes on reference, collection development, and information organization in library school; courses on pedagogy, on the other hand, are usually optional, if they’re offered at all. This leads most librarians who end up with instruction duties to learn on the job. Activities and assessments can be learned on the fly fairly easily, but these often have little to no bearing on how much students actually absorb and recall weeks later because alone, they are usually insufficient to ensure deep learning. This chapter seeks to add the basics of pedagogy, a subject comprehensively covered in K-12 teacher preparation programs, to the librarian’s instructional repertoire.


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