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A guide to library resources and Web Sites for Librarians.

2019 Top Trends

  • Privacy-  According to the new documentary The Great Hack, information is now officially more valuable than oil in the world economy. There now is a growing warfare for possession of our personal data. Here are some privacy trends and tools for libraries and patrons for the coming year.   
  • More Libraries will Abandon Late Fees.  For decades, libraries have relied on fines to discourage patrons from returning books late. But a growing number of the country's biggest public library systems are abandoning overdue fees. The reason is that late penalties drive away low-income people who stand to benefit the most from free library resources. Over 450 public libraries across the U.S. have abandoned late fees. Lifting fines has had a surprising dual effect:
  • Library 2.0 plans for 2020. Steve Hargadon of Library 2.0 reports on its upcoming free mini-conferences in 2020. Library 2.0 is a 30,000-member online community for librarians and library staff that is in its 10th year of hosting free online events. 

    Steve predicts that in 2020 we are likely to continue to grapple with the massive changes still being brought about by the Internet and that we are likely to continue to be reminded that the curating and sharing of important ideas is at the core of real human progress.

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