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Faculty and the Library Toolbox: Library Instruction

How to integrate library resources into your course

Why Work With a Librarian?

Librarians can:

  • Provide direct in-person instruction
  • Create online, web-based tools targeted to your particular course and assignment
  • Collaborate with instructors to design research assignments that make the best use of ACC Library resources and ensure student success
  • Provide train-the-trainer sessions for peer mentors or others who may be working on the course
  • Work with you and an ACC Instructional Designer to provide content for a flipped classroom model of instruction


What Types of Instruction are Available at ACC?

Library instruction can take a variety of forms, depending on a class's learning needs. 

  • Single class sessions: 
    Usually range from 50-75 minutes and focus on a specific task or topic
  • Series of sessions: 
    Usually range from 20-45 minutes- each class session builds upon earlier ones. Building upon skills as assignments require students to complete certain steps helps to ensure that learning is deep and meaningful
  • Short sessions on focused topics: 
    Sometimes students benefit from a brief explanation of a concept or task (e.g., plagiarism, citation, using interlibrary loan). In such cases a librarian can offer a short presentation or discussion on the given topic (10+ minutes)
  • Blackboard integration: 
    Embed instruction, resources or library tutorials within your course content

Which Learning Outcomes are met?

Which learning outcomes would you like us to cover?  2 - 3 can be well covered in a 50 minute class.
Here is a list of learning outcomes from which you may select when you submit your Library Instruction Request Form (See links on the right of this page). Don't see the learning outcome you need in our list? Let us know using the Comment feature:

SLO 1: Students will be able to develop a research process

SLO 2: Students will be able to demonstrate effective search strategies

SLO 3: Students will be able to evaluate information

SLO 4: Students will be able to develop an argument supported by evidence 

SLO 5: Students will be able to use information ethically and legally

Why invite a librarian to guest-lecture in your class?

For most students academic research is unfamiliar and often overwhelming. Interactive library sessions offer guidance and hands-on experience to students as they move through the various stages of their research. Schedule one or multiple sessions for a class.

Librarians can help teach your students how to:

  • Find credible information
  • Learn how to research
  • Evaluate web sites
  • Cite resources

How to Schedule Library Instruction

To request a library instruction presentation by a faculty librarian, please fill out the form that matches your classroom location. A librarian will contact you to finalize details and arrangements. 

Please submit the form at least 2 weeks before the planned class date. 

What should I tell my students?

Students have difficulty evaluating the information they find and many have never used college library resources.

Most students new to college do not know that the largest part of their college library collection is available online 24/7.

Best practices for your syllabus:

  • Provide a link to ACC Library
  • Suggest students ask for help at the Reference Desk for research projects
  • Require completion of the quizzes at the end of the Tutorials to aid with assignment success
  • Include a Library Instruction Session to help students get started on research assignments

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