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Value: Academic Libraries & Value

Libraries are focusing on gathering information on value and worth and on the roles that their facilities, services and resources - including library professionals - play in the success of their constituents.

Value Content

The first steps in looking at value are those that include the broadest look at not just the professional literature but also on content found in umbrella organization literature and adjacent literature. This Value Content list will both grow and shrink BUT If you look at this now and think "it doesn't have my favorite study on value" first ask yourself does your study's content either contain references to the value of library professionals? or can it be applied to professionals or is it a study that can be replicated but with a re-focus on professionals?

With that in mind, I am SURE we have missed things in our first pass, so give us some suggestions on how that missing study might fit in. (See "Profile" on the home page.)


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What does value mean in Academic Libraries?

Academic libraries have incredible value resources, thanks in large part to ACRL initiative which include strong assessment research, significant learning outcomes content, the Oakleaf study on value, the ACRL Blog for updating value content and a myriad of other workshops and research content on the librarys role in the academy. The meaning of value therefore is broad but the primary focus has been on the value of collections, although there is a growing body of literature on the value of the professional in - for example - reference services and above all - the value of the librarian in designing curriculum and support for instruction as well as in the primary roles of the librarian in the classroom as instructor in information literacy.

Given this leadership and in concert with ARL and OCLC data - specifically on collections and user studies - there are a myriad of institutional data sets and reports on values and roles of libraries from academic institutions. One will note that the "examples" column is currently empty, due in large part to the absence of content within institutional data on the value of librarians (exclusive of health professional content from academic settings.) As the initiative moves along, studies that include content on library professionals will be included.

Examples of Academic Library Value Data

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