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CHEM 1111 Lab - Bill Cheek: BEAM: Evaluate Sources

BEAM Model - Rhetorical Evaluation - How is this Source Used?


What is the CRAAP test?

The CRAAP test is a set of criteria designed by California State University, Chico to help you find the best sources for your school work. It is a good starting point for evaluating sources for academic purposes like papers, reports, and speeches. Use the following rubric to determine if the source you chose passes the test!

BEAM Model Summer 2022

1. Each student will find 4 sources and label them as B, E, A, or M with their name:


B- Susan Smith

2. Students will upload all 4 sources into the group folder - 

For example - Group 1 Folder would have:

B -Susan Smith, E- Susan Smith, A-Susan Smith, M-Susan Smith

B-Sally Jones, E-Sally Jones, A-Sally Jones, M- Sally Jones


BEAM - Assigning Rhetorical Values to Sources *

B: Background Information (books, ebooks, chapters in encyclopedias, gov websites) - gives key definitions, overview of topic

E: Exhibit Information (newspapers, articles, books) - gives current news or latest information about a topic

A: Argument: pros and cons about your topic (articles)

M: Method: original research on your topic with a methodology (articles)


*BEAM Model:

Bizup, Joseph. 2008. "BEAM: A rhetorical vocabulary for teaching research-based writing". Rhetoric Review 27:1, 72-86. 


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