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CHEM 1111 Lab - Bill Cheek: Scientific Research: Getting Started

Getting Started:

Finding Scientific Information


Online Tutorials with Quiz:


Group Presentation: 15-20 min. group presentation (groups of 3 or 4 students)

Sources: At least 4 - see Evaluating Your Findings: BEAM model

Citations: MLA style

Grades: Based on presentations and group self-evaluations




Student Learning Outcomes

After completing this assignment, undergraduate chemistry students will be able to:

- develop a topic and search strategy for researching the topic

- evaluate sources for rhetorical value 

- present background information, current news information, pros and cons related to the topic, and original research on the topic to the class

How Scientific Information is Published

The flow of scientific information from the University of Waterloo Electronic Library

Active and Engaged Activities for this Assignment

1. Flipped Classroom

2. Small group work

3. Think/Pair/Share

4. Team-based Learning

5. Peer-Teaching

6. Self-Evaluation

7. Collaborative Discussion

8. Research as Inquiry

9. Panel Presentations

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