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CHEM 1111 Lab (Gotcher): Find Background Information

This is the guide for Prof. Gotcher's Fall CHEM 1111 class!

Definitions (Glossary)

Abstract: A paragraph summary of what the study includes

Conference proceedings: An abstract presented at a conference, usually without the full article text

Databases: Collections of online resources, such as library databases

Encyclopedias: May contain information about many subjects or specialized information on a single subject

Empirical researchreports the results of original research

Indexes: Print or online collections of abstracts, may not contain full text articles

Monograph: Single volume book 

Pre-prints: Preview of article, usually still in peer-review process (not all are published later)

Primary source: Original sources which report on new information or contain original ideas

Secondary source: Analyzes or comments on original sources

Tertiary source: Compares or compiles secondary sources 

Textbook: Usually published years after primary sources are published

Library Background Information Sources

Databases with Background Info on Chemistry Topics:

(Subject encyclopedias and dictionaries)

Finding Background Information

finding background information


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