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Low Quality Websites: Content Farms: What is a Content Farm?

A research guide that discusses content farms and how and why to avoid using them as resources.

A content farm is a company or organization that produces a large amount of low-quality videos, memes, social media posts, and online articles on many different topics, then uses keywords and algorithms so that this content is placed prominently in social media feeds and in Google and other content aggregator search results (e.g., YouTube).

This guide will help you to recognize and avoid content farms in order to improve the quality of resources you use from the internet.

The video at right shows how artificial intelligence is used in content farming and how AI-generated content ends up in your social media and search results. Described from a marketing perspective, but nonetheless a helpful analysis.

The infographic below shows how articles for content farms are created and how they end up in your social media and search results.

How Do Content Farms Work?

AI and Content Farms


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