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This guide will help you find article and data resources for your ECON 2301 term paper.


This guide will help you find articles and data for your ECON 2301 Term Paper assignment.

Your Term Paper Assignment will require cited sources for the following sections:

  • Literature Review
  • Theoretical Model
  • Data Analysis
  • Any section that makes reference to another author's work, including government sources. 

These will be organized into a References section that will serve as a bibliography for your paper.

In addition to your data sources, you will need at least 5 articles from credible sources, such as Economist and Wall Street Journal,
plus the required readings related to your topic in this class.

How To Use

Chart showing the connection between the Board of Governors and the Federal Open Market Committee and the Federal Reserve BanksSource:

To find articles and data to cite in your term paper, use the tab above to access article databases (including content from The Economist), ACC subscriptions to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, data and policy papers and reports from sources like the Federal Reserve, and more. 


Please contact Faculty Librarian Jeremy Donald for research help or access questions. 


Faculty Librarian

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Jeremy Donald
Faculty Librarian/Associate Professor
Northridge Campus Library Rm 1220.1
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