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CloudSource Open Access Search Guide: FAQs

Getting Started with CloudSource Open Access

CloudSource FAQs

Let's Cut to the Chase

Here are some quick answers to your most asked questions.

What is CloudSource Open Access? CSOA is a tool that gathers free online journal articles and open access publications through ACC Libraries' search tool.
What is an open access publication? Open access publications are free online articles, eBooks and other materials that don't have as many copyright restrictions as traditional scholarly materials.  
Why should I use CSOA?
  • Open access materials are becoming more frequently used by major scholars and publishers.
  • CSOA gathers these sources to search quickly from a single search box.
  • Open access promotes equitable learning by making resources accessible and shareable to everyone.
What type of content will I find in CSOA? High quality, peer-reviewed academic resources in health sciences, environment, computer science and more.  CSOA also gathers many Open Educational Resources (OERs) which are free educational materials available to anyone to use, modify and share. 
How do I search CSOA? Enter your search terms in the main search bar at  Click on the third tab at the top, "Open Access Resources."  You can find more detailed instructions here
My document won't open.  What happened? Check your downloads!  If the document is a pdf, it will go straight to your downloads.  If you blink you might miss it.  If you still can't access it, email Melissa Airoldi
How do I get full text? Click on the "View Resource" button on the results page.
Who has access? Everyone!  No login needed.
What do these icons mean?
Resource was published under an open access license
Author/Publisher specified open access license
Article is peer reviewed
Peer review status is unknown
Article metrics- "Buzz" and citation stats will be listed here.  See details when you expand resource
Creative Commons Zero.  A type of public domain dedication.
Public Domain. No rights reserved.
Creative Commons License
BY-Credit/Attribution must be given to the creator.
SA-Share-Alike adds a requirement for anyone reusing the work to also license their own creation under the same license.
NC-Non-Commercial allows for reuse and sharing but reserves commercial rights for the creator.
ND-No derivatives allows sharing and reuse but only if the content is left unchanged.  



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