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ENGL 1301 - Wilson - Spring 2023: Articles

A guide outlining some of the ACC Library resources you may find useful for writing your research paper on the brain.

Paths to Articles

There are two main approaches to searching for articles through the ACC Libraries site. You can search for articles using the main search box on the library home page, or, you can search in specific databases. Both approaches are outlines below.

Article Search from the Home Page

When you do a search on a topic in the main box on the home page, there is a tab on the results list labeled "Journals, magazines, news. Clicking on that tab will provide a list of resources across all our databases, regardless of topic. 

Pro: You'll find something quick

Con: You may have to look through a lot -- and it can be overwhelming

Tip: Be sure to use the Full Text limiter on the right. And, if you need to, choose the Scholarly (Peer-reviewed) Articles limiter. This second one is optional, depending on your needs.


Article Search Tutorial

Need some more help with how to search for articles through the ACC Libraries? Spend a few minutes with our Finding Articles tutorial for additional information.

Article Search in Specific Databases

You may find it more useful to search in a more focused way through a database:

Pro: More search and limiter options

Con: Take a few more clicks to get to articles

Some good databases for this topic:


If you are taking a more medical approach to the topic of the brain, you might try:

If you'll be looking at the brain from a psychology angle, you might try:

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