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Finding Literary Criticism: Start Here to Find Literary Criticism

This guide helps you identify literary criticism sources in the ACC libraries' electronic and print collections.

Before you Start Searching

Research will be easier if you know as much of the following as possible:

Correct title of the work

Author's complete name

Original publication date (collections of literary works usually say when something was originally published, although it can be difficult to find this)

For More Resources...

You may also want to use reference sources which have collections of literary criticism.  See in this guide the page labeled "Collections of Literary Criticism."

Another helpful source is the Library's Composition and Literary Studies Composition and Literary Studies  Research Guide. This guide includes links to resources on the web, tips on searching the databases and information about writing and citing your papers.

Books on a Specific Author

For notable authors, the library will have entire books of literary criticism. There may also be entire books of criticism on individual titles. Why use them?  They usually have more depth and you can check the books out. 

Literary criticism books often are collections of pieces written by several critics, so you can get several viewpoints from one source.

How to find criticism on a specific author:

Go to the Library Catalog and perform a Subject search by entering the author's name (last name, first name).

If there are books about the author listed, check to verify which campuses have them and if they are currently available for check out.

To find the title you want in a collection of criticism: 

  1. Go to the index at the end of the book.
  2. Look for the title of the work you are investigating.
  3. There you will find the page numbers you need.

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