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Student Learning Success Toolbox: Getting Started

A guide to library resources and services for students at Community College

How do I get started?

Getting Started: the 10 Minute Rule

Having trouble getting started? 

  • Divide your work into small steps
  • Make yourself work for 10 full minutes

You will find yourself working for longer than 10 minutes before you know it!


You don't have to feel motivated - you can start anyway!


You spend lots of  time waiting in line, waiting for your friends, waiting for your family!

  • Carry around a book or some  readings
  • Listen to recorded lectures 
  • Record notes on your phone while you study and listen to them while you are waiting


You probably spend 5 to 10 hours a week in a car or bus.

Use that time :

  • Read on the bus. Even 5 minutes and a couple of pages work out to hours and books.
  • Listen to recorded notes or lectures 

Between Classes

What are you doing with the blocks of time between classes? Find a quiet spot on campus where you can work comfortably.

Open now:

ACCelerators - reservations needed

Great places to study on any ACC Campus when the campus reopens:

  • Library
  • Library Group Study Rooms
  • Learning Success Services Group Study Rooms
  • Learning Success Services Spaces 
  • Outdoors when the weather is nice
  • Seating areas all over campus
  • Empty classroom


40% of college students say procrastination is a problem. Do you cram before tests or deadlines?

Why do we procrastinate? Procrastination may how you cope with stress. 

Try these tips:

  • If your to-do list is too long, try making a "one-item list": re-write the top item from your list at the top of a blank page and work the task to completion, then repeat
  • Do something everyday on your homework or readings - don't save it all to do over the weekend
  • Write your deadlines on a calendar and tape it to your bathroom mirror



Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching handout

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