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Student Learning Success Toolbox: Project Planning

A guide to library resources and services for students at Community College

Who can help me at ACC?

ACC Learning Labs help you plan your projects:

Need to start from scratch? The ACC Developmental Writing Department hosts writing workshops and tutorials.

Use Google Apps for Project Management

Ebooks at ACC Library Services

Google Sheets Tips

What is Project management?


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Project Management:

Launching the Project

Step 1: Identify the project.

Step 2: Determine the desired outcome(s).

Step 3: Delineate each of the project’s component tasks.

Step 4: Identify the players.

Step 5: Determine a time line (or staged time lines) for each project component.

Keeping the Project on Track

Step 6: Review, revise and reallocate - Keep everybody informed and provide direction.



Project Management: How to Run Team Meetings

Google Slides

Assignment Calculators

Get assignments done using your calendar to plan ahead:

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