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Student Learning Success Toolbox: Time Management

A guide to library resources and services for students at Community College

Are you or someone you know a procrastinator?

"I'll watch just 15 more minutes of TV."

"I'll just put that off until tomorrow." this you?

Overcoming procrastination

1. Identify your behaviors and thoughts that always keep you far from doing necessary.
2. Make a small list of tasks you have to do
3. Create realistic timeframes to prioritize completing tasks.

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  • Learn to say "no" or delegate.
  • Don't let paperwork pile up.
  • Break a job into bite-sized pieces, don't procrastinate because it can't all be done at once.
  • Identify your time wasters…and resolve to eliminate them.
  • Add times for relaxation and recreation to your schedule.

Keep to a 1 hour attention span with a 15 minute break unless you are on a roll.

ACC Counselors help with procrastination and time management.

ACC Support Centers help with paying for childcare.

Dealing with Procrastination

ACC Books

How ACC Academic Coaching Can Help With Time Management

2. Beating Procrastination

3. Organization: How to Adult

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