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Student Learning Success Toolbox: Testing Tips

A guide to library resources and services for students at Community College

Who can help me at ACC?

The Instructional Testing Centers offer a variety of testing services for students including standard paper/pencil academic testing, secure online testing, makeup testing, re-testing, challenge exams, and at some locations, assessment services. When visiting a Testing Center, please make sure you have your ACC Photo ID card.

The ACC Learning Labs provide tutoring for students whom are preparing to take standardized tests. Please visit assessment preparation site for more information.

Qualifying students can receive testing accommodations through Student Accessibility Services.


Tips for Final Exams Success

Preparing for final exams

Studying and Test Taking

Test taking strategies

Before Taking the Test

  • Study consistently and attend class regularly
  • Set realistic study goals and listen to your body
  • Learn to relax when you study. Do deep breathing before, during, and after studying so you associate a relaxed body and mind with learning.
  • Take breaks when you study to keep your body and mind alert.
  • Know as much about the test beforehand as possible. Unexpected surprises create tension.
  • Do not cram or force yourself to stay up all night studying - that can cause tension. If you study the night before the test, set aside a realistic period to study.
  • Get a good night's sleep.
  • If you must review the morning of a test, do so briefly.
  • Eat nourishing foods the night before and day of the test.
  • Go to class early and sit in your normal spot.
  • Remind yourself it is normal to feel some tension.

After the Test is Distributed

  • Be realistic and keep the test in perspective. Your entire future probably will not be determined by the outcome of this test.
  • Read the directions carefully.
  • Jot down notes and ideas that come to mind.
  • Go through the test answering the easy questions first. Answer only one question at a time the best you can.
  • Almost everyone blanks on a test occasionally. If they happens, don't panic. STOP. Put your pencil down.
  • Breathe deeply, focus your mind on your breathing and relax. It takes less time to stop and catch your breath and relax than it does to worry.
  • Do not engage in negative self-talk. Focus your mind on the test.

Special thanks to the University of St. Thomas Academic Counseling and Support webpage

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