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Faculty Teaching Toolbox: Teaching Tools

The Faculty Teaching Toolbox is a resource for faculty and staff that provides an introduction to some of the many instructional support services offered by Austin Community College.

Seeking New Teaching Tools? There's an App for That!

ACC Faculty have access to the following Google Apps:

  • Gmail - faculty email uses the domain, student email uses the domain
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sites
  • Google Groups
  • Google Rooms
  • Google Chat
  • Google Meet
  • Google Jamboard

Academic Alerts - Inspire Platform

Interested in Using Inspire for Academic Alerts? 

Two tutorial videos created by Wade Allen, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Instructional Associate are now available to help faculty learn how to navigate through the Inspire platform.

The first tutorial video shows how to log in to Inspire and how to edit one's profile.

The second tutorial video shows how faculty can check their rosters, send an alert, and communicate with a student's assigned advisor. 

More information about the Inspire platform and academic alert, including FAWs and one-page “how-to’s”, is available at

Active Learning and Communication Tools

Resources for Teaching Tools

Presentation and Productivity Apps



Simplified version of Keynote for Mac. Make slides and display them with a VGA adaptor from your iPad to projector. Includes several themes, ability to view your presenter notes on the iPad, and swiping to advance slides. iPad only.
web ex
Tap into WebEx meetings when you're away from your computer with this app on your iPhone or iPad. View shared content, participate in chat, works on 3G or WiFi. Works on iPod Touch for video only, use a phone to access the audio in that case. Free. Android version. Learn more about ACC and WebEx.
Use the SlideShark app to download and show your PowerPoint presentation on your mobile device or through a projector, or broadcast it over the web. You can also share an online version of your presentation for others to view on-demand, anytime from any device, and then track the viewing results.
Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically. It provides up to 2Gb of storage for free and up to 100Gb for paid accounts. The iPhone app makes it easy to copy files from your computers or other mobile devices to your iPhone or iPad. Universal iOS app or Android. Free.
ToDo for iPhone and ToDo for iPad has a beautiful, simple interface and is full of features (projects, sub-tasks, due-dates, categories, etc), while remaining simple to use. ToDo makes it easy to keep your lists in sync between your mobile devices and computers. You can integrate ToDo with Gmail with the Gmail plugin available for Chrome and Firefox.

Zoom tips from Carla Peck, Pandemic Pedagogy Facebook Group

10 ways to secure zoom: 1 - use a unique ID 2 - Require a password 3 - create a waiting room 4- only hosts should share screen 5- invitation only meeting 6- lock meeting after starting 7 - kick someone out 8- disable someone's chat 9- block emoji in chat 10 -disable private chat

Note-taking and Reading Apps

awesome note

Awesome Note

Powerful note-taking and organizer app, with colorful themes. Backs up your notes to Google Docs. Create folders, include calendar view in every folder, set up tasks lists, attach photos and maps to your notes, set alarms, set passcode lock for privacy, and many more "awesome" features. iPhone/Touch or iPad app. Free and paid versions available.
Evernote makes it easy to capture anything in multiple formats. Input by photo, text, screenshot, audio recording. Tag your notes, organize into notebooks, share with others or keep them private. Save notes to your account on the web and access from any computer or mobile device. Universal app. Available for Android, iOS, & all major mobile platforms. Free.
Use your finger or a special stylus to draw, write in your own handwriting, and sketch. Create notebooks for each project, turn on "wrist protection" so the touchscreen doesn't draw by mistake when your wrist touches the sreen. Use a VGA adaptor to plug your iPad into a screen display and show your audience your drawing in real time. Import/export your notebooks and more. iPad only.
Super-robust PDF reader with advanced reading, annotating, markup and highlighting capabilities, excellent file manager, text file reader and editor, audio/video player, Safari-like viewer for MS Office and iWorks files. Syncs with Google Docs, MobileMe, Dropbox and more. Create your own hierarchy of folders to save your documents into. Highly recommended for reading & annotating scholarly articles.
Read Google Reader RSS feeds on a simple and attractive interface on the iPhone or iPad. Scroll through items one-by-one, or swipe items to skip. Star items for reading later.
Similar to Reeder, Feedly is a fun, stylish way to read and share the content of your favorite websites, feeds, & social networks. For iOS & Android.

Recommended ebooks

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