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Faculty Teaching Toolbox: Research and Writing Help for Students

The Faculty Teaching Toolbox is a resource for faculty and staff that provides an introduction to some of the many instructional support services offered by Austin Community College.

I need brief, just-in-time tutorials to support research and writing SLOs

What is it?

Find brief tutorials to support a variety of discipline neutral Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) popular in research and writing from across the curriculum. Each is available online so that faculty may add them to their course, syllabus and assignments to support students outside the classroom and support their success as their need arises.

Where do I find it?

Assembled here is a list of tutorials for ease of access. 

How do I access it?

The growing list of tutorials is included here by the main learning outcomes presented. Follow the link to review the tutorial's content:

How do I use it?

Developed by various ACC departments, these tutorials may be added to your course, syllabus, and assignments at the point where your student might struggle with understanding how to accomplish the next logical step in their learning process.

Place the link to the tutorial adjacent to the assignment description with instructions from you such as, "Not certain how to begin? View this brief, interactive tutorial to discover your next steps by clicking on this link. Complete the short quiz at the end, printing and turning in the results page to earn extra credit on your final assignment grade."

My Students Need Help Evaluating Information

What is it?

Students are inundated with too much information. Tools are needed to teach students how to sort through the madness and do quality research.

How do I access it?

These useful links are available for students to learn to critically evaluate information they find on the web.

How do I use it and what should I tell my students?

Hover over each link to learn how to use them and what to tell your students about them:

My Students Need Help with Writing

What is available to help my students with writing?


How do my students use these resources?

What do I tell my students about these resources?

  • These resources exist solely to help them with their writing assignments.
  • These resources are free!
  • Use them!

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