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CHEM 1111 Lab (Collins): Find Background Information

This is the guide for Prof. Collins' Spring 2023 Chem 1111 lab.

Definitions (Glossary)

Abstract: A paragraph summary of what the study includes

Conference proceedings: An abstract presented at a conference, usually without the full article text

Databases: Collections of online resources, such as library databases

Encyclopedias: May contain information about many subjects or specialized information on a single subject

Empirical researchreports the results of original research

Indexes: Print or online collections of abstracts, may not contain full text articles

Monograph: Single volume book 

Pre-prints: Preview of article, usually still in peer-review process (not all are published later)

Primary source: Original sources which report on new information or contain original ideas

Secondary source: Analyzes or comments on original sources

Tertiary source: Compares or compiles secondary sources 

Textbook: Usually published years after primary sources are published

Finding Background Information

finding background information


Click on the image or go to

Library Background Information Sources

Databases with Background Info on Chemistry Topics:

(Subject encyclopedias and dictionaries)

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