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Real Estate: Books & e-Books

A guide for finding Real Estate information in the ACC libraries and on the web.


In this tutorial you will explore the role books play in research, how to find books, and how to access e-books. This module is designed to take about 10 minutes to complete and includes lots of examples and some interactive practice.


You can search all of the library's resources in one place from one search box. Books, ebooks, streaming videos, articles, DVDs...they're all searchable from the Library Home Page or the Search Tool. After you get results note that they are displayed on two tabs: [ Books, movies, and music ] [ Journals, magazines, news ]

Search operators can be used within the Basic Search:

  • AND = type more than one word
    real estate
    Note: AND is implied; don't type it in.
  • NOT = use minus sign (-)
    real estate -commercial
  • Quote (exact phrase) Search = use quote marks around the phrase
    "real estate agent"

Library Resources

There are many excellent real estate and business encyclopedias and dictionaries in the reference areas of campus libraries as well as books that can be borrowed from the library. There are also e-books that can be read online. Look for the ebooksymbol.

To search for books and videos on real estate, go to the library web search. You can search by call number (HD-HJ), to browse the collection online.

Real Estate Call Numbers:

  • HD - Industry
  • HF - Commerce
  • HG - Finance
  • HJ - Public Finance

You can also search by keywords and phrases, such as real estate, mortgage, REIT, accounting, banks, banking, credit, debt, finance, lending, etc. You can use such terms to search periodical indexes for magazine and journal articles or to search the Internet.

Remember that you can ask a reference librarian to assist you with your research, in person in the library, by telephone, or online.

Generally, the category of works we call "reference" includes almanacs, bibliographies, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, guidebooks, handbooks, indexes, manuals, yearbooks—materials we "refer" to rather than read entirely. Go to these for definitions, formulas, codes, standards, and topic overviews or background information.

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