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TLA Teaching to the Brain: Course Description

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The Art and Heart of Teaching

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Teaching to the Brain Overview

Teaching to the Brain: How Students Learn - 
How much do you know about learning?

In this course, faculty members will
- Examine innovative teaching strategies supported by research and evidence-
based practices within the psychology and neuroscience of learning.

- Explore tools for improving students learning, whether in a face-to-face or distance education

Topics include:

  • the neuroscience of learning
  • how memory works 
  • metacognition strategies that promote students’ reflection and persistence 
  • innovative techniques to foster a growth mindset

Faculty cohorts will reflect on and share ideas with colleagues for implementing the
strategies presented.

Course Outline

Faculty Value: Teaching

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About the Academy:

Anchored in the ACC Faculty Values, the Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) will contribute to student success by expanding faculty teaching practices. The Academy is designed to support faculty based on evidence-based teaching strategies, reflective practice, and teaching innovation. Essential to the Teaching and Learning Academy is the creation of a group of faculty who will learn from each other. The Academy cohort begins with a retreat, to establish a community of learners that explores the scholarship, art and passion of teaching and continues over fall and spring semesters through hybrid coursework.

Faculty Developers

Module 1:  How students learn: Understanding the Brain and Learning

Module Developer
Dr. Richard Griffiths: Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Module 2: Getting Students to Remember Course Material: Using Memory Techniques that Work

Module Developers
Ray Sandoval: Associate Professor, Student Development
Tobin Quereau: Adjunct Professor, Student Development

Module 3: Deepening Students Learning: The Role of Metacognition

Module Developer
Tobin Quereau: Adjunct Professor, Student Development

Module 4: Students’ Mindsets and Learning: Innovative Classroom Techniques That Foster A Growth Mindset

Module Developer
Cheryl Thompson-Price: Assistant Adjunct Professor, Student Development

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