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Spring '24 - EDUC 1300 - Ross-Chong - by Kara Dixon: Evaluating Sources

The CRAAP Test

What is CRAAP?

CRAAP is an acronym for a set of criteria to help you find the best sources for your school work.  Use it like a checklist for evaluating sources for academic purposes like papers, reports, and speeches.  The rubric below can help you choose sources for your paper or other school work. 
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Evaluating Information

For more about evaluating your sources and the CRAAP criteria, see the Evaluating Information tutorial.

Evaluating Information Tutorial Image, see link below

Is it CRAAP?

CRAAP refers to the five things we are looking for in a source: Currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and purpose


Currency, Relevance, and Authority

Currency: When was the information published? When was the website updated? Some exceptions...  Relevance: Does this relate to my topic? Who is the intended audience? Does it add value to my assignment?  Authority: Who is the author? Do they provide their credentials? Why can I trust this person to educate me?

Accuracy & Purpose

Accuracy: Be a fact-checker!  Does this information seem correct? Are claims and statements backed up by evidence or citations?  Purpose: What is the author's purpose for writing this? To inform? To sell? To entertain? To persuade? Are possible biases clearly stated?

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