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ACC Libraries Tech Toolbox: Operating Systems

Helpful resources for working with a variety of technologies available to you at ACC.

Operating Systems and You

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An Operating System is the main software that

  • manages the functions of a computer/mobile device/cell phone,
  • runs programs/applications, and
  • manages peripherals like keyboards or printers.

Some common operating systems

  • for personal computers are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux;
  • for mobile devices and phones, Google Android and Apple iOS. 


Certain operating systems run on certain platforms.  For example, 

  • Apple iOS runs on iPads and Apple phones;
  • Microsoft Windows runs on personal computers, laptops, and Surface tablets;
  • OS X runs on Apple Macs. 

Some other OS names you may run across: Apple OS X Mountain Lion, Apple iOS, Android, Windows 7, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows 10, Apple OS X El Capitan, and macOS Sierra, CentOS, Chromium OS, Apple OS X Yosemite, openSUSE, Debian, and Linux Mint

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