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ACC Libraries Tech Toolbox: ACC Tech

Helpful resources for working with a variety of technologies available to you at ACC.

Navigating ACC Student Tech Help

Check out a Student Technology Devices:

  • Webcams
  • USB Microphones
  • Calculators
  • Headset
  • iPads
  • Laptops for specific programs

Laptops, Tablets & E-readers


More information in the dropdown menu under ACC Tech on Printing

Flash Drives

Also known as USB drives, jump drives and thumb drives, flash drives are a way to carry your files with you so that you can open them on any computer.


apps [video] - specialized programs available for phones, tablets and other mobile divices.
browser [video] - the software you use to look at websites
cloud computing [video] - the practice of storing files and other information on remote servers and sites instead of your own computer.
database - a searchable collection of electronic resources (often articles)
Google Apps - a collection of tools from Google including Gmail, Docs, and Calendar
Google Docs / Google Drive) [video] - Google's cloud-based word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software
keywords - the words you use to search for your topic, also called search terms. Choosing your keywords carefully will give you better search results.
internet  [video] - often used interchangably with world wide web, the internet is millions of computers all over the world that can communicate with each other
hardware [video] - the physical parts of a computer
software [video] - the code that makes the computer run
search engine [video] -  search engines identify and retreive information that meets specific criteria

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