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Fake News and Alternative Facts: Finding Accurate News: Why is Fake News Harmful?

This guide for students, faculty and staff investigates the phenomenon of fake news, and provides proactive strategies to help them recognize fake news, and identify accurate sources.

How Fake News Can Harm You

Many Believe Fake News Articles

Studies have shown that many Americans cannot tell what news is fake and what news is real. This can create confusion and misunderstanding about important social and political issues.

Fake News Can Affect Your Grades

ACC Professors require that you use quality sources of information for your research assignments and papers. If you use sources that have false or misleading information, you may get a lower grade.

Fake News Can Be Harmful to Your Health

There are many fake and misleading news stories related to medical treatments and major diseases like cancer or diabetes. Trusting these false stories could lead you to make decisions that may be harmful to your health.

Articles About Harmful Fake News

Fake News is a Real Problem - Statista

Infographic: Fake News Is A Real Problem | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

Sanitize before you share - News Literacy Project

Stop before you share

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