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Faculty Teaching Toolbox: Communication & Collaboration

The Faculty Teaching Toolbox is a resource for faculty and staff that provides an introduction to some of the many instructional support services offered by Austin Community College.

What are Google Apps?

Google Apps are a variety of tools all ACC students, faculty, and staff have automatic access to. They include email, chat, calendar, documents, sites, groups, and more.

For more information on each specific App, take a look at the Start Page and click through the rest of the Features as needed.

How do I access Google Apps?

To begin using Google Apps, all students, faculty, and staff must claim their official ACC email address. Once this account is claimed, all other Google Apps may be accessed and explored.

How do I use Google Apps?

Because of the variety of Apps available to ACC students, faculty, and staff, the uses are equally varied. Below are just some ideas for integrating Google Apps into your coursework. To learn more about using all your available Google Apps, visit the Google Apps Learning Center.

  • Encourage students to use Google Docs during group projects. This allows multiple users to contribute to and edit documents at the same time. Students can also chat with each other during the editing process.
  • Create a Google Site for your class and allow students to contribute to the pages with discussion questions, problems encountered, and homework help.
  • Create a Google Group for your class and conduct office hours or individual meetings through a Google Hangout.


What do I tell my students?

Make sure your students understand that their ACC email address is the official mode of communication used by their instructors and by the college. They must activate it and check it regularly. There is also website dedicated to helping students understand their Google Apps. 

What about Mediasite?

Add instructional videos to your Blackboard site using Mediasite


Virtual Office Hours

ACC provides support and access to WebEx for web conferencing. See the boxes below for more information.

Other options supported by ACC include:

Google Hangouts or Google Meet

What is WebEx?

How do I access WebEx?

How do I use WebEx?

WebEx may be used for large sized training or classroom groups as well as work groups. 

  • Hold a meeting faculty or staff from different campuses with no travel
  • Use your computer or WebEx app on your device
  • Hold virtual office hours with your students
  • Interview job applicants from out of town

What do I tell my students about WebEx?

  • Faculty may create a WebEx meeting and invite students to participate
  • Faculty may create a virtual office hour and post a link for students to join
  • Students may join using a Cisco WebEx app on their phone or by using the computer

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