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Cultural Fluency: Scholarships, Grants, Financial Aid

Focuses on specific aspects of cultural fluency such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation/gender identity, creed, and socioeconomic status.

Scholarship Opportunities

Austin Community College Foundation lists general scholarships and funds for academic or workforce programs. 

The Financial Aid for Minority Students page from Online Schools lists scholarships for Black/African American, Hispanic American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian American/Pacific Islander,  women, and international students. 

Check scholarship websites early in the year (January), as most scholarship application deadlines are in the spring.  Unfortunately, information changes frequently, so search for an item if the link is no longer accurate.

Also see ACC library collection titles listed below:

Scholarships for African American Students

Scholarships for Asian Pacific American Students

Scholarships for Formerly Incarcerated / Inmates' Families / Victims

Scholarships for LGBTQIA Students

Multicultural, Interracial, Multi-ethnic, and Minority Scholarships

According to College "Multicultural scholarships are slowly finding larger audiences. While eligibility for each award hinges on specific requirements, multicultural scholarship programs share the common goal of promoting higher education among ethnic student populations.

Scholarships that serve diverse student populations are alternately called multicultural, multiracial, interracial, and multi-ethnic.  Don’t get caught up in the language, each of these student aid initiatives is designed to lift multicultural citizens into the ranks of higher education.

There is no scientific definition of what constitutes a ‘minority’ student, especially in society’s evolving cultural melting-pot that continues to churn out eager college students of all creeds and colors. Use your own diverse make-up to uncover financial aid for college – including your ancestry and cultural identity.  Tap general aid and minority scholarships, but also embrace your multi-cultural heritage to land scholarship dollars for college."

Scholarships for Arab Americans

Belief-based Scholarships

Scholarships for Latinx / Hispanic Students

Scholarships for Native American / American Indian Students

Scholarships for Single Parents and Adult Students

Scholarships and Important Financial Aid Information for Undocumented Students

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