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Welding: General Info

This guide lists the print, online, and media library resources relevant to this subject, as well as reliable, external web sources.

Welding/Art Metals News

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Welding and Art Metals

Use the tabs above to find books or articles and locate recommended web sites useful for this field.

Types of sources

There are several major types of information sources available in print and electronic form through the ACC Library.



You will find a large selection of books in our book collection. A book can provide detailed background and in-depth historical information about any given topic.



This covers encyclopedias, atlases, and other resources that are referred to for specific information. Go to these for definitions, shorter explanations, historical and biographical sketches, background or overviews, and statistical data.



Articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers (periodicals) are integral sources for current reviews, research, and criticism on recently published works. ACC e-resources can help connect you to these articles.


Web sites

The internet provides a vast array of good information from reputable organizations, professional associations, government entities, and scholars. However, there is a lot of unreliable information on the Web, so access sources and content critically.



Apps (little software applications) allow you to customize your tablet to do the things you like to do. Some of the apps listed are free, while others are fee-based. Additionally, some apps are initially free, and then require in-app purchases if more features and functionality are desired. Listed, you will find some app recommendations we have come up with through trial, error, and our own experiences.

ACC Library Services does not endorse any fee-based apps nor it is liable for reimbursement of any apps paid for by patrons. Please refer to the Tablet Circulation Policy for further details.

Miller Weld Setting Calculator App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Miller Weld Setting Calculator-A handy references for weld parameters, electrode/wire type, basic techniques, and process information for TIG, Stick or MIG. (iOS)

Pipefitter's Reference App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Pipefitter's Reference-Reference book for pipefitters. (Android)

Ultrasound Calc Lite App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Ultrasound Calc Lite-Contains all calculations which are frequently required in industrial applications to NDT technicians of levels I and II. (Android)

Phased Array Wizard Lite App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Phased Array Wizard Lite-Calculates the near field, beam divergence, maximum steering angle, beam focusing spot size, wedge calculation, wheel diameter and encoder resolution and maximum frequency for a given grain diameter among other important parameters. (Android)

ShopFloorTalk App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
ShopFloorTalk-A discussion forum for anyone interested in welding, fabrication, machining and general metal work of all kinds. (Android)

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