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Library Services Dashboard: Highlights

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AY 23 / 24 Comparison

Students Attending Librarian-led Instruction Sessions

About This Dashboard

Welcome to the ACC Library Services Dashboard!
  • Our dashboard presents visualizations of Library services, resources and – most importantly – faculty librarian instructional roles and responsibilities via interactive charts, graphs, and tables using Google Data Studio. As with any data rich pages, viewers should give data time to
    download when accessed.
  • For interactive detail, viewers should mouse-over timelines, bar charts and pie charts.
  • Note visualization timelines. Some represent the AY 20 year and reflect post-COVID-19 (mid-March 2020) usage and activity. Look for CURRENT for up-to-date info for the current academic year.

Using Data to Make Decisions

Library Services has always gathered in-depth data for external and internal decision making including:
  • Strategic planning (administrative, team, services, location goals, individual goals, budget
  • Operations planning (hours of service, scheduling library faculty & staff)
  • Training, continuing education & professional development
  • Resource management (acquisitions, location, format, etc.)
  • Instructional support (designing curriculum to support information literacy curriculum, Areas
    of Study, digital paths to online content, etc.)
  • Facilities (designing new, renovating existing, maintenance and management of library
  • Measurement & Assessment (designing outcomes, record keeping and reportage - institutional, state & federal - for justification and accountability)


Designed by Library Services Assessment Team


Lola Cowling Watters, Team Leader & HYS Head Librarian
Linda Clement, CYP Faculty Librarian
Kara Dixon, HYS Faculty Librarian
Jeremy Donald, NRG Faculty Librarian
Ryan Slattery, RRC Faculty Librarian

Questions? Email Lola Cowling Watters.

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