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Drug Information: Web Sites

Drug and pharmacology resources and web sites

Evaluating Health Information

The ABCs of Evaluation from National Library Of Medicine, NNLM Consumer Health Guides:
  • Accuracy - Is the information based on sound medical research?
  • Authority - Who published the webpage?
  • Bias - Is the author using data improperly to promote a position or product?
  • Currency - When was the page last updated?
  • Coverage - Are there sources given for additional information?
  • Usability - Is the webpage user friendly and easy to navigate?
Need help finding information on the Internet and interpreting the results? See our study guide.

Evaluating Health Apps

SUSPECT for Apps by Bobbi Newman

  • Seeking -  Does the app meet your information needs?
  • Usability - Is the app easy to use?
  • Security - Does the app require you to create an account? Who can see your information? What is their privacy policy?
  • Price - What is the cost? Are there in-app purchases featured?
  • Evaluation - Read the reviews, not just the star rating
  • Creator - Who made the app? Are they trustworthy? Do they have a corresponding website?
  • Timeliness - When was the app created? When was it last updated?

General Health Information

Recommended sites:

Data & Statistics || General Drug Web Sites 

Other Drug & Pharmacology Resources || Poisoning & Toxicity

Finding information about health topics like cancer, obesity, diabetes, nutrition, etc. is easy. Finding reliable information, however, is more difficult. You can avoid a lot of less reliable information that's out there by using this Google custom search engine, which only searches reputable sites like the National Library of Medicine.

It's easy. Just type your search terms in and click the Search button.


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