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Open Educational Resources: Selection Criteria & Evaluation of OER

This guide is designed to assist faculty in the exploration, identification, evaluation, selection, and adoption of Open Educational Resources

Why Use An Open Textbook In Your Course?

Impact of OER - Student/Faculty Satisfaction & Textbook Affordability

The Open Educational Group conducts empirical research on the impact of OER adoption.  Consult their Review Project page for a summary of all known empirical research on the impact of OER adoption. 

Recent Journal Articles:

Criteria For Evaluating OER

Consider the following factors when selecting Open Education Resources to adapt or adopt:

  • Accuracy / Quality of Content 
  • Relevance
  • Production Quality
  • Accessibility
  • Interactivity
  • Cultural Relevance & Sensitivity
  • Licensing
  • Ease of Adaptability

OER & Accessibility

These resources on accessibility may be helpful when considering adopting or adapting OER for your courses.

Sample Rubrics & Evaluation Tools

In addition to keeping the 5Rs (Retain. Reuse. Revise. Remix. Redistribute) in mind when adopting, adapting or building OER resources and courses, using rubrics or other evaluative tools to measure effectiveness, accessibility and alignment to student learning outcomes are key.  Linked below are several examples of rubrics. Some of the example rubrics are designed to evaluate overall OER courses and not individual OER course materials.

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