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Digital Fluency and Innovation: Welcome


Welcome to the Digital Fluency and Innovation Guide!

This guide includes links to educational resources to support ACC Students as they work to complete the Digital Fluency and Innovation Micro Certificates. Each tab on the guide has links to library resources related to one of the four Micro Certificates. If you need help, click the last tab "Get Help" to contact an ACC librarian or the Library Services Curriculum and Instruction Team Co-leaders - Jeremy Donald and Ashley Carr.


List of microcertificates with microcompetancies, included below

The central goal of ACC’s QEP, Digital Fluency and Innovation aims to promote equitable academic and career outcomes by providing microcredentials in digital and professional workforce competencies required by the 21st century workplace. The four microcredentials are:

  1. Fundamentals of Computer Skills for Job Readiness: Intro to Computers and Internet Research (1), Word Processing (2), Presentation Software (3), Spreadsheets (4), Database Management (5)
  2. Web Presence Fundamentals: Web Builder (6), Photoshop (7), HTML/CSS (8), Web Analytics (9)
  3. Interactive Presentations for Effective Communication: Advanced PowerPoint (10), Interactive Media (11), Social Media (12), Data Analytics (13)
  4. Problem Solving with Systems Thinking and Technology: Systems Thinking (14), Problem Solving with AI (15), Project Management (16)

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