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Personal Finance and Financial Literacy: Internet Resources

Financial Literacy (Personal Finance) is taught in the Finance Department. However, every college student needs to take care of their own life.

Evaluating Web Sites

How can you tell if a web site is trustworthy or not? It's not always easy, but there are things that you can look for that will help you decide.

  • How current is it? Is it recent enough to provide information relevant to your needs?
  • Who is the author? Are they qualified to talk about this subject?
  • How accurate is the information? You may need to compare what you find with another source to answer this question.
  • Who is the audience? This can influence how much detail is included.
  • What point of view is being represented? All sites have a bias, but is it obvious or are they trying to hide something?
  • How up to date is the site? Older information may no longer be accurate.

0. Money Essentials

1. General Sites

5c. S, I, & I: Currency Exchange Rates

4. International Banking

5f. S, I, & I: Stocks And Investments

5h. S, I, & I: Other Resources


For more indepth information about financial management resources on the Internet consult this tab on the Financial Management guide.

Need More Help?

Need more help finding information on the Internet and interpreting the results? See our study guide:

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