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Student Learning Success Toolbox: Finding Textbooks for Your Courses

A guide to library resources and services for students at Community College

Where do I find the Textbooks for my courses?

What textbooks do I need for classes?

  • Go to Online Services. (
  • Select "Current Students".
  • Log In with your ACCeID and password.
  • Under Academic Profile, choose "My Textbooks". (You can print out a list of textbooks you need for your classes.)

The ACC Bookstore is managed by Barnes and Noble and you can buy or rent at most campuses or online.

  • Here is more information about textbooks from ACC.

Here are common questions you may have about Textbooks at ACC:

Tools and Tips for Using Textbooks

Z - Degree Information

You can earn an associate degree without ever purchasing a textbook. Z-Degree students save money by taking classes that use only open educational resources (OER) and other free materials. That means no more lugging around a heavy backpack. All course materials are immediately available online at no cost.

ACC Z - Degree Information:


ACC Textbook Collection

ACC Student Support Center Textbook Collection FAQ

What is it?

Some textbooks are purchased by the ACC Student Support Center through a grant. The collection has been located at the Highland Learning Center since Fall 2014.

The majority of ACC textbooks are not purchased for this collection.

Please don't rely on this source for your required textbooks - it is a small collection.

Who can use it?

-Before classes start - limited to eligible students

See the Student Support Center BEFORE the semester begins to see if you are eligible.

-During the first week of classes- limited to Workforce Program or eligible students

Visit your Student Support Center BEFORE the semester begins


DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASSES to to see if you are eligible.

Eligible students wil get forms to begin the process.

-After the first week of classes - open to all ACC students

All currently enrolled ACC credit students who have no outstanding student holds on their library record are eligible.

First come, first served.

Are all ACC textbooks in the collection?

No, only textbooks purchased through a grant by the ACC Student Support Center are in this collection.

Check for your textbooks by title in the ACC Library Catalog - Ask a Librarian if you need help.

How do I find out what textbooks I need this semester?

Textbook information is available also at the ACC Bookstore or from your professor, your syllabus or their professor's website or Blackboard page.

Whom do I call if I have questions?

Please call the Support Centers if you have questions about the textbook collection, your eligibility or any

lost or overdue textbooks.

What must you bring to the library to check out textbooks?

During the week before classes and the first week of classes: ONLY eligible students must take the

authorization form you receive from the Support Center and an ACC photo ID to any ACC Library.

Note: Rio Grande / Elgin does not have a Support Center, so you must go to any other ACC campuses to get an authorization form.

After the first week of class: Any currently enrolled ACC credit students who have no outstanding holds

on their library record can check out textbooks from the collection with an ACC photo ID.

How can I check to see if a textbook is available?

  • The Library has a list of the Textbook Collection in alphabetical order by title that you can check.
  • Search the library's catalog by title or by author.

For more information, see this page online:​ 

Can textbooks be sent to my campus?

Yes, just as other library materials, textbooks can be sent to your campus library or held for you.

  • You must go to a library in person to request an available textbook during your eligibility period.
  • Students cannot request or reserve a textbook online through their library account or over the phone.

What if I need the book today?

Your campus librarian can also call the Highland Campus library and the book will be held for you to pick up at Highland.

How many textbooks can I check out and for how long?

Students may check out up to 5 textbooks unless otherwise authorized by the Support Center.

Textbooks from this collection are due the last day of your classes.

All other textbooks which may be on reserve or happen to be in the regular collection have a shorter

checkout period. Be sure to check the due date.


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