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TX Corequisite Project: HB 2223 Webinars



Past HB 2223 Webinars

November 2018

HB2223 Corequisites Webinar

In this recent Co-Board webinar, The College Readiness and Success Division hosts a “Call with the Co-Board” where THECB staff offer guidance, clarifications, and potential solutions to issues and challenges faced by those working on implementing HB 2223. This free/no password webinar addresses:

  • 2018 Developmental Education Program Survey (DEPS) findings, including preliminary fall outcomes for meeting HB 2223
  • Guidance and strategies implementation steps
  • The Texas Corequisite Project (the statewide professional development program supporting HB 2223 implementation)
  • Audience Q and A

June 2017

HB 2223 Webinar - Understanding the Corequisite Models  [Webinar]

June 2017

Understanding Corequisite Models [PDF of PPT]

Besides a basic explanation of HB2223, this content includes:

  • a definition of corequisite models;

  • the required elements of a corequisite models a look at how to determine which students to enroll in corequisite models; and, 

  • examples of Corequisite Models.

February 2017

Understanding Developmental Education Non-Course Competency-Based Options (NCBOs).[Webinar]

THECB webinar discussing the adoption of Non-Course Competency-Based Options (NCBOs) in Universities and Colleges.


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