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Project Highlight

Project:  Student Support (Re)defined

Contact: Dr. Darla Cooper, Executive Director,


Taken from the Project overview page:

"Student Support (Re)defined (2011-2014) aimed to understand how community colleges can feasibly deliver support both inside and outside the classroom to improve success for all students, with a particular focus on African-American and Latino learners. In phone surveys and focus groups, the RP Group asked nearly 900 students from 13 California Community Colleges what supports their educational success.


students walking with sign in the background that says tomorrow starts now!


Ultimately, we learned that student voices are a powerful motivator for change. The project sparked a movement across our system, with institutions using the findings to facilitate dialog about student-centered support among people, programs, and divisions. Colleges are using this student perspectives research to engage in Guided Pathways and equity planning and pursue actions designed to meaningfully strengthen student success and attainment across the institution." (Student Support (Re)defined, 2020).

Student Support (Re)defined. (2020).  Overview, The RP Group.


Community College Library Practices in Developmental Education.  This qualitative study examines current community college library practices in developmental education. Based on semi-structured telephone interviews with 27 librarians across the United States, analysis of the results shows that there are librarians who proactively integrate basic library skills into developmental education and academic success courses, collaborate with developmental educators in designing library sessions and class assignments, interact with learning assistance and tutoring centers, and help reduce library anxiety and build student confidence.

Notes, Office, Pages, Papers, Print, Report, Documents Anne Roselle, JOURNAL of DEVELOPMENTAL EDUCATION, 2008.

Just-In-Time for Success: Connecting Underprepared Students to College Resources.  With the goal of just-in-time resource integration in mind, ACC Library Services fashioned an inexpensive, immediate solution to meet this need using an existing product, LibGuides, which resulted in the Faculty Teaching Toolbox. The Toolbox lists the solutions ACC has to offer that may help a student pass a potential fail point so he or she can successfully complete an assignment or project.

Notes, Office, Pages, Papers, Print, Report, Documents Terry Barksdale, NISOD Innovation Abstracts, January 2016.


A Real PLUSS: An Intrusive Advising Program for Underprepared STEM Students.  [TexShare Login Required]  Transitioning to college is difficult for all students, but can be especially challenging for the underprepared STEM student. Many of these students are capable of completing STEM degrees if given additional support during their first-year advising sessions as well as opportunities to strengthen their foundational knowledge prior to enrolling in major-level course work. Pathways Leading to Undergraduate Success in the Sciences (PLUSS) is an intrusive advising program the University of Southern Indiana designed to provide at-risk undergraduate STEM majors with increased academic support. The PLUSS program is associated with increased retention rates. 

Notes, Office, Pages, Papers, Print, Report, Documents  Rodgers, K., Blunt, S., & Trible, L., NACADA Journal, 2014.


Advising Strategies that Increase the Persistence of Probationary, Underprepared, Post-traditional and Online Students.  Advisors act as agents of student relationship management by building quality interpersonal relationships that improve student bonds with their institution.

Notes, Office, Pages, Papers, Print, Report, Documents Kristine Knutson and Glynis Bradfield, October 2016.


Embedded Tutoring - Triton College (IL)  Embedded tutoring is a form of supplemental instruction that takes place within the classroom where academic tutors work closely with instructors to provide individualized support and targeted, early-on interventions for struggling students. Embedded Tutoring in co-requisite courses will engage students in course material, increase retention and persistence, and support students as they accelerate into college level courses through the collaborative efforts of instructors and tutors.


National Survey -- What is a Learning Center in the 21st Century?  This article examines survey results from 142 colleges and universities to identify various "Learning Center" functions in higher education. 

Truschel, J., & Reedy, D. L. Learning Assistance Review  2015.



Investigating Differences in Personality Traits and Academic Needs Among Prepared and Underprepared First-Year College Students.  [TexShare Login Required]  The article presents a study on academic needs of underprepared college students and their personality traits. Topics discussed include Academic Incentive Program (AIP) conducted by Sacred Heart University, Connecticut, College Student Needs Assessment Survey (CSNAS), and need for academic counseling and tutors for underprepared students.

 Notes, Office, Pages, Papers, Print, Report, Documents Melzer, D. K., & Grant, R. M.  Journal of College Student Development, 2016. 


Using Narrative Career Counseling With the Underprepared College Student. Hughes.   [TexShare Login Required]  This article explores the characteristics of underprepared college students, examines career-related issues these students face, and reviews the literature on narrative career counseling. The life design method is applied to a case example of an underprepared college student to demonstrate how to best serve the needs of these students.

Notes, Office, Pages, Papers, Print, Report, Documents A. N., Gibbons, M. M., & Mynatt, B., Career Development Quarterly 2013


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