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TX Corequisite Project: Models - Math Corequisites


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Corequisites Program Highlight

LaGuardia Community College responded to a long-standing crisis in the math remediation approach to bring transformative change to scale via the math co-requisite project.

Institution: LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York.

Authors: Abderrazak Belkharraz Idrissi, Milena Cuellar, and Jeanne Funk.



Taken from the Start Strong to Finish Report: Co-Requisite Mathematics Models and Gateway Completion.

"From Fall 2016 to Spring 2018, an average of 74% of students initially placed in Elementary Algebra, who chose the co-requisite path, completed their  developmental math requirement and acquired college  level credit in half the time compared to only 32% of students enrolled in the traditional path." (Idrissi, A.,Cuellar, M., &Funk, J., 2018).


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"These positive effects are also seen when looking at different segments of the population, positively impacting students in the 18-24 age bracket with particularly high positive outcomes on students of non-traditional age. Traditionally marginalized groups like Hispanic and Black students are positively impacted with equivalent gains for all other racial/ethnic groups.

Students who received a Pell grant at any point during their time at LaGuardia tend to perform equally or better in the co-requisite courses compared to the overall success rates of the co-requisite courses."

(Idrissi, A.,Cuellar, M., &Funk, J., 2018).

Idrissi, A., Cuellar, M., & Funk, J. (2018). Co-requisite mathematics models and gateway completion: A systematic approach to leading change at scale (Steps to Success series). Denver, CO: Strong Start to Finish, Education Commission of the States.

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April 2020  A New Approach to Mathematics: Increased Success Rates for ALL Students, Dr. Alycia Marshall, Dr. Ricardo Moena, Maxine T. Roberts, Start Strong to Finish



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